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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007

Location: Brisbane Still, Australia

MapHello, I am still in Brisbane because work wanted me for a bit longer. I was planning to leave last Friday but on Wednesday afternoon I was offered the chance to do some recording on a boat at Exmouth (The West Coast) so I took up the opportunity.

I am not having much luck with the trips I have booked lately. First my kayaking was cancelled in Byron Bay and then on Friday I took time off work to go up to Hervey Bay which is where my Fraser Island tour departed from. When I got there found out it was cancelled which was very annoying as I had lost pay for that day and paid for return bus journey. For a week it had rained and several areas were flooded. Hopefully I will go to Fraser Island soon but don't know if I can be bothered to go on the tour I had booked on.

So I travelled all the way to Hervey Bay entertained by two films on the coach. Arrived at about 9pm, then took the next bus back about 5.30am the next morning. In that time did not go as far as the hostel bar as I am afraid as the rain was so heavy. Accompanied an Irish guy and drank a few jugs of beer. We had to get the bus at 5.20 that morning and somehow my alarm did not go off so at 5.20 when we woke up we were in a mad rush in our dorm. Luckily I hadn't really unpacked. Had the same film to watch on the coach as on the journey up.

Came back to Brisbane and Saturday went out with Gemma (Mae hi'n dwad o Lanwrst) and we were entertained by some Irish lads who liked to dance. One apparently auditioned for Pop Idol. Last night our hostel bar were selling drinks for a $1 and if you bought two you had two free slices of pizza, which was especially good as I hadn't had dinner. Then in another pub I won myself a free drink in a game so it was quite a cheap night. But, I had work this morning so of course I did not drink too much.