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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Sep 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia


I have had a good weekend and had lots of sunshine. It is the river festival in Brisbane at the moment so I thought it would be appropriate to go kayaking along the Brisbane river. I managed to fall into the water even before getting into my kakak and then I managed to get under the pier somehow (I don't think anyone saw me though) but after that I managed fine and enjoyed it very much. After kayaking I took the city ferry up the river which is a nice change and it is included in my bus/train pass. Later in the afternoon I met up with Matt and his wife (Matt is one of the few friendly people at work). We watch the fireworks going off from the river and the city buildings - it was quite spectacular.

Sunday morning I went to the Gold Coast Whale watching. Was in a bit of panic when the train arrived late so I missed the bus connection and then on the next bus I took the bus driver told me to get off at the wrong stop so then I had to run to the boat. Fortunately a nice young man picked me up so I got there on time. Saw quite a few pods (A pod is a group of Whales) of Humpback whales. At the moment they are migrating back to the Antartic. From June they migrate North to mate and have their babies in the warmer waters. A baby whale (a calf) is born weighing a tonne and about 3 metres in length and drinks alot of milk. In this time the adults are fasting so they are looking forward to eating some krill when they get back to the Antartic. Some of the whales swam right against the boat and swam underneath. One actually jumped in the air but unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the boat at the time and it was quite unexpected so I missed it. I was very tired when I got back to Brisbane but had enough energy to a salsa dancing lesson in the Casablanca bar nearby to the hostel. There were some very good dancers there.

Going to Fraser Island tomorrow. Fingers crossed it won't be cancelled this time.