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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Sep 2007

Location: Armidale, Australia

MapContinued from previous entry.

After being positive for explosives I had about a 6 hour wait in Perth Airport before our plane to Brisbane. Could not sleep at all on the plane and our journey was much longer as there was fog in Brisbane so we could not land so we were redirected to Sydney. Eventually we got to Brisbane 4 hours later but this meant that I had missed my bus to Armidales which is why I had to get the night bus (and again getting no sleep - and a man with very smelly bad breath made the hourney a bit unpleasant too). So I had a bit more time to sort things out before leaving work. I was just about to leave work when I was asked out to lunch as my boss wanted to try and persuade me more to stay and work for them. I could hardly refuse dinner even though I felt extremely scruffy and tired. My job could either be in Brisbane or Dunedin in New Zealand and they want my answer next week when they come to attend the Conference in Armidale which I am also attending.

Still haven't written about Fraser Island or my couple of days in Perth but I have to start work now.