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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Sep 2007

Location: Armidale, Australia

MapFraser Island

Well before my trip to Exmouth I made another attempt to go to Fraser Island. I went on a two day tour being picked up from Brisbane - so a lot less hassle that go on a bus. Again, though the weather was a bit miserable but not as bad as the time before. Alot of the driving was along the beach but due to the previous storm (one of the worst in 100 years) alot of the beach had washed away, making driving a little tricky. On the second day we were unable to take the ferry we had intended to take because the tides were so high even when it wasn't high tide. Despite the grey days I swam in Lake Mackenzie and Lake Wabbi. We camped out at night and during the night I realised there was a leak in the tent.

I returned to Brisbane on Wednesday night and left the hostel for the last time as I was supposed to be flying to the West Coast. But, once I got to work I was told there was bad news and more bad news. The flight was going to be postponed to Saturday because the boat we would be working on had to have its engine fixed. Anyway I said that I would still fly out to Perth and have a couple of days there before flying to Exmouth. The flight was OK, had braised lamb to eat, some wine, a film and a ice cream during the film. So I got to Perth at midnight and stayed at the Travel Lodge (the most expensive place I have stayed at during my travels - but I wasn't paying). However, even being fairly pricy it didn't include breakfast. The next day I left the hotel and looked for a hostel to stay in for the next two night. Eventually I found one which looked a bit old and dodgy from the outside but it was surprisingly pleasant when I got inside. During the day there were heavy short showers so I didn't do much. I looked at the shops, went to the Art Gallery and took the train to Freemantle and had a look at the market there. The following day I booked to go on a tour of the Pinnacles which are North of Perth. Also briefly stopped at the wildlife park where I met Honey the wombat (photographed) and went to the sand dunes at Launcelin. The next day I met Lewis and we flew from Perth to Exmouth.