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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Oct 2007

Location: Australia

MapI have a day off work today to celebrate the Queens birthday. I didn't realise that the Queen had so many different birthdays before. Saturday I went for a walk to a Pine Forest. The actual walk to and from the forest which was about 17km was actually nicer than the forest walk. The land is dry as there hasn't been much rain here but with Spring the trees are coming out into leaf and beside the stream the willow trees were bright green. Saw and heard plenty of wildlife. Fortunately I did not come across any snakes. With the warmer weather they are likely to be slivering about now. I have only seen a couple of lizards. What they call magpies over here are a bit different to those at home. You have to be quite cautious when walking about as they can be quite aggressive this time of year when they have chicks. I was quite glad I was wearing a hat whilst walking in the forest because I was attacked about nine times by the same magpie. Also I was again attacked twice this morning walking to university. Yesterday in Armidale there was the once a month market where there were lots of different stalls and the mall was very busy with people. I met Anna, and Wayne and his family (from work) in a cafe and later we went to Wayne's farm about a hour drive from here. Wayne has shorthorn cattle and at the moment they are calving. First we had a barbeque lunch with lamb and sausages. Then we brought the cattle in so we could weigh and tag the newly born calves. One cow had a calf while we were there and afterwards a calf appeared perhaps a couple of days old looking quite thin who didn't have a mother. We guessed it might have been a twin and had wandered and lost its mother. Because it might have been away from its mother for a while the calf ( we named Clover) was taken back to Armidale in the car so that it could be then looked after.