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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007

Location: Armidale, Australia

MapSorry I have not written for a while but I suppose I am not doing so many exciting things while I am working and at the moment I am busy planning the rest of my trip. I have another two and a half weeks at work in Armidale and then my adventures begin again. Haven't been attacked by any snakes yet. When I went walking with Choy (A Korean man in my office) to Gara Gorge and Dumaresque dam I noticed that he let me walk in front on the path so that I would be the one to disturb any snakes and to be attacked by them. Fortunately that did not happen. Choy has been teaching me a little Korean and I have been teaching him a bit of Welsh. I am afraid his Welsh is better than my Korean. Also he has been telling me about certain medicines in Korea. If you feel you are about to die it is good to be carrying a bear pill with you. A bear's pancreas could save your life.

There are koalas about here but apparently they are very rarely seen. I was lucky enough to spot a quite big koala as I was walking to work one morning. Unfortunately the poor koala was being tormented by a crow, which prevented it from climbing the trees.

Better start work now.