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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007

Location: Armidale (Still), Australia

MapI am still busy working in Armidale. Now the clock have gone forward so I am able to walk home from work as well as walking to work, but occasionally like this morning when it was raining I take the bus. Fortunately the magpies have stopped attacking me now that their babies are bigger. We have had a few thunderstorms that have been welcomed as it has been getting a bit dry.

Last night it was like I was back living in university halls as we had a fire alarm during the night and I was already in bed. So had to stand outside until the fire engine came but at least I didn't need to wear an orange jacket on this occasion.

Last Thursday Michelle (my sister) came to see me. Michelle arrived in a storm and left in one but we had quite sunny weather in between. I did the historic tour again, went to a few museums and we went on some walks around Armidale. Saturday afternoon we went to the race course where thay had no horses because of the horse flu restrictions but there was a fashion in the fields contest and wheelie bin races. How we managed to get in I don't know as we were a little underdressed, but we were not tapped on the shoulder to be contestants. We had come straight from our walk in the morning to the racecourse so we appeared a little scruffy in our casual clothes compared to everyone who had come all glammed up for the event, ladies wearing summer dresses, high heals and hats and men in suits. I will know for next time to dress up and make a hat out of my emu feathers. Went to see a film at the cinema 'Death at a Funeral' which was quite funny (but it seemed some of the audience found it much funnier) and we had our first choc top icecreams. On Sunday we had our Christmas dinner which consisted of fat kangeroo steaks and asparagus, then chocolate pudding for desert.

I haven't long at work now so I am trying to write up all the projects I have been working on. I have been asked what my plans are, which means what is the possibility of working a bit longer, but I don't intend to change my flights yet again.