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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Nov 2007

Location: Still in Armidale, Australia

MapIt is my last week of work. Today was Melbourne Cup Day (the Grand National equivalent) so we celebrated with a big feast for lunch and watched the race on the big screen in the board room. We were randomly assigned some horses but unfortunately one of my horses was scratched out before the race started. We all had to wear something pink (even the men who mostly wore pink ladies hats). I had not known there was a fashion competition but it turned out that the pink hat I had created for Choy, made out of a bag, won.

On Saturday I went to Gara Gorge with Kirsty from work and her boyfriend Nathan. After a walk we went down a cave where we came across a turtle and had some adventures sliding down rocks and squeezing through narrow gaps. Photos are shown.