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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Nov 2007

Location: Tamworth, Australia

MapLast Saturday Choy and I drove the Waterfall way route and quite surprisingly we came across quite a few waterfalls. First we went to Wollomombi gorge, followed by a trout hatchery, the falls at Ebor, then to Cathedral Rock a national park with lots of wallabies, then finally to Dangar Falls. Choy had seen snakes twice at Dangar Falls before but fortunately I did not come across any.

On Sunday I took the train to Walcha Road where I was picked up by Barry who I was then to stay with the next few days whilst learning to be a Jillaroo. We went to Tamworth as Barry was attending a sale there (like the ones at Pontrilas). I did not want to spend my day there so although I was on the outskirts of Tamworth I walked into town and to the other side of town to the famous giant golden guitar. As Tamworth is the country music capital. We left Tamworth and picked up two other girls for the Jillaroo school who were Inge from the Netherlands and Wiebe from Germany. At this point neither of us knew that the next few days would be the worst ever. Barry's Jillaroo school should have been listed on the Foreign Affairs website of places not to go. He was the grumpiest, rudist man I have ever met and I think in particular he disliked me the most. He was very stingy with his food and we had the same meal of sausages or meatballs four nights in a row. I made a chocolate cake for Inge as it was her birthday, out of my own ingredients, as we needed a treat and he didn't really like that. Then last night I asked to make a cake and he said 'What for?' Well I gave the obvious reply and said 'to eat' and then made the cake. He didn't even like us using the milk for hot drinks.

I rode Boy a 19 year old horse who was a bit boney. He tended to be behind but I didn't mind. Every now and then he would trot to catch up with the others and I am glad I managed to stay on. We rode up and down hills, across rivers, through forests, and mustered the cattle. I preferred mustering the cattle as that seemed a useful thing to do. The third day I was not pleased with Barry as he took the whip to Boy when I was on him which made him go a little crazy and I am glad it didn't make me fall off. I went swimming in the river with Boy and got quite wet (photo shown) and I am glad I didn't come across any snakes - we had seen a black snake whilst riding that then slivered into a pool.

In my itinery fencing was only supposed to be for one afternoon but instead we did it for three. And, then we wasted our time and didn't do alot as he would forget to bring things and have to go back for them, and did things for no apparent reason. We watched him fall a tree which fell the wrong way and then stripped off the bark and made fence posts, then dug holes for the posts.

Yesterday we went to a farm where they were branding calves. I helped by tagging and cutting heart shapes in the calves ears and injecting the cows, Whilst the men branded and cut the bull calves balls. Inge and Wiebe didn't like this at all and stayed well away and I wasn't sure whether they would still be friends with me after I helped, and I thought that if I were to have a go at branding they definitely wouldn't like me. But, then we went off too do some more fencing.

At last I managed to get away this morning but I feel sorry for the other two girls who will stay till Saturday. Inge decided to leave the school a week early this morning and Wiebe has decided to leave Australia because it was so dreadful.

So now I am back in the country music capitol and perhaps I will go to a bar and listen to some country music tonight.