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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Dec 2007

Location: Yealering, Australia

MapThe first person I met when I arrived in Perth was a Welshman. I was looking for the bus stop when a man yelled out to me. At first he was far away and I hadn't a clue what he had said but asked him where the bus stop was. Once I heard his accent I realised he must have seen the welsh flag on my bag, and he kindly gave me directions. He was from Port Talbot and now lived in Balingup South of Perth. I walked to the bus stop and later he came by in his flash red car and gave me instructions on exactly where to stand and how to hail a bus (as if I hadn't worked it out for myself already).

The YHA was too expensive I thought in Perth so I went to the same hostel as I had gone to in September. This time I was in a room which eas quite cramped and I didn't think I would stay her too long. Anyway in my dorm I met Karen from Manchester and this is why I probably stayed in the hostel longer than expected. We went out on Friday night and it was lucky that we both enjoyed dancing. Again went out on Saturday night but although we danced all night we were totally sober as we had spent enough money the previous night. It was really good the bar we went to as at first there was a rock and roll band and the people dancing who obviously had been going to lessons (who were all ages) were all dressed the part. Then later another band came on. On Sunday Karen and I, a Scottish guy from Inverness who I had met on Friday night and later his friend from Holland went to Freemantle. We went to a brewery, I sampled the beers and we had a meal. Karen and I had planned to go swimming but by the time we left it was late and the sea would have been cold. Also I think I had to catch up on sleep from the last two nights.

On Monday Karen and I took the ferry to Rottnest Island. First of all we went to a beach and swam. I then went for a Quokka tour but realised I could have easily seen them without the tour. They were quite friendly and they came up to me for some food. They are similar to a rock wallably and a guinea pig I think. They are marsupials. I then had quite a long walk and was worried about getting back to the ferry in time. I had a fright when I came across a snake - I could have easily trod on it but luckily it moved and was probably as frightened as me and went in the opposite direction (There are venomous snakes on the island).

Tuesday I was picked up from Perth by Russell who took me to his farm in Yealering, which is probably about 250km away. The enterprises are wheat and sheep (about 6000 sheep and I think about 9000 acres). I sat in the cab whilst harvesting lupins from a paddock that was 240 acres. I have been helping Russells mother who lives in a house nearby with a bit of cleaning and today I went to a Christmas party with her to a writers group. We ate lots of food and I even had a present. But, I don't think I could feel Christmassy this year even though I had a cracker and had to wear a Christmas hat. I was then a driver for Russells mother and took her to Narrogin for an appointment at the hospital. I hadn't driven a while, and it meant driving on the red dirt roads, and it was quite fun.