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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

Location: PERTH (AGAIN), Australia

MapI returned back to Perth on Saturday (8th) and it seemed that the hostels were quite booked up and eventually I found somewhere to stay in a 16 bed dorm which when I entered it seemed to be a male only dorm. I wondered why people were starting to sit on the pavement at about 4pm and it turned out that Perth was having its Christmas parade which didn't actually start till after 8pm so I went and watched that. Later I went to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, a pub I had gone to the previous week. On Sunday I met up with Gemma (who I had met in Brisbane) and we went to Cotterill ( a beach where the beautiful people go and not too far away on the train) and we had a few drinks and danced.

Monday I took the bus to Albany. I stayed in quite a nice hostel that had brightly decorated walls. A nice idea at the hostel was free cake which was a good chance to meet others staying at the hostel. There didn't seem to be many in the hostel so I need not to have worried about not booking. There were several from the UK including one guy from Brecon. Most people seemed to be driving themselves but were all going the opposite way to me so I wasn't able to ask for a lift. That night I went to a pub with eight guys at the hostel but I had to wake up early the next morning missing my free breakfast to take the bus to Pemberton.

Pemberton has a big timber mill. Forestry seems to be quite important here and towns nearby. I quite liked the old wooden houses in the town. The area was quite green with a few vineyards and cattle in the fields. I went for a walk to the Gloucester tree which used to be a fire lookout tree which the warden would climb and sit on watch looking out for forest fires. The tree is about 61 metres and I climbed to the platform on top and didn't see any forest fires.

This morning I went to Margaret river and went on a bushtucker canoe tour. We rowed up the Margaret river and was told about the history and told about plants we could eat. There were 5 of us in the canoe including two children that didn't do alot - we didn't win the race at the end. For lunch we had kangeroo and emu and we had the opportunity to eat big grubs. I have now taken the bus back to Perth and thought I would try a different hostel this time. I wish I hadn't -it must be the most grottiest hostel I have stayed in for the year and the room I am sleeping in smells of dog wee. So I shall be leaving tomorrow but I am making use of the free internet whilst here.