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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Dec 2007

Location: Australia

MapI am in Monkey Mia now. Today was my fourth day feeding the dolphins. I set off from Perth last Saturday with three Germans, Kurt, Jacob and Julia, in a red car called Toni. It was quite a squeeze in the car and it was not very comfortable sleeping in it the first night. The next couple of nights Julia and I were able to sleep in the tent which was much better. It took us about three days to get to Monkey Mia and on the way we stopped at Kalbarri National Park.

As a dolphin volunteer I weigh out buckets of fish and when its time I go to the shore where the dolphins are waiting. Then I have to pick some people from the crowd to feed the fish. So I make some people very happy when they are chosen and then others are upset when they are not. The dolphins have three feeds each day which are generally over by about 9.30am. I think I enjoyed most feeding the pelicans as they look so comical. On Thursday I went on a boat for a few hours to look at the wildlife and saw quite a few dugongs which eat the sea grass. There are about 9,000 dugongs in the bay and they will eat about 100lbs of sea grass a day. Sharks keep their numbers down. Also at night I have been walking to the end of the jetty to watch turtles at night. The same turtle is always there. Also today I saw a massive cod that was the size of a dolphin.