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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Jan 2008

Location: Hue, Vietnam

MapFrom Nanning I took the overnight train to Hanoi, Vietnam. First I was in a posh first class soft sleeper carriage and shared a compartment with a guy from Beijing. The first time we were woken up we had the chinese immigration to check our passports and give them departure stamps. Perhaps an hour or so later we then had to get out of the train on the Vietnam side and had to go through the very long inefficient immigration process that was kind of comical. I even had to get my ear temperature tested - a way of them making a bit of money as it cost me 2 chinese yuan. We then got on another train which was no way as comfortable and inviting as the other and this time I was in a compartment with a French-Canadian couple. At 8.10am I arrived in Hanoi and had motorcyclists after motorcyclist asking to take me somewhere, but at that time I still had no vietnamese dong. Afterwards I got a taxi to the hostel that I decided to stay at but wasn't very pleased as the taxi driver went a very long way to get to the hostel and charged me far too much.

In the afternoon I went for a walk. There are motorbikes driving about everywhere and I was just about asked continuously whether I needed a ride. I went to the water puppet theatre which was very good.

On Sunday I went on a trip to Halong Bay.