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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007

Location: Auckland - at home, New Zealand

MapHello! Entry number 1!

Well, we are in countdown mode for sure! Rangi has finally finished at work, with only days to go before we fly out (no pressure!) and I have 2 days to go, having had a few days off in the last week. I think (fingers crossed!) that I have most of my pack sorted (thanks to Mum, Travelleir Expertise!), and at the moment its only about 13.5kgs, which is great, I'm under the 20kg mark at the moment. I'm sure that will change before we leave though...

So counting down the days, crossing things off the list, adding more things to the list..! (Yeah I know, List-Maker Loren!) Finally realising what a big deal it is to pack up everything, say goodbye to everyone and move countries! To be honest I dont think its quite dawned on me just yet. I have no doubt it will when we're at the airport and mum starts sobbing! Note to self: dont wear makeup on Sunday... Anyway, cant wait to see the other side of the world (grass is always greener hey?) and keep in touch with you all via this website. Dont forget you can leave messages for us here! Please stay in touch!

We will be missing out on some big events in peoples lives... There's a couple of weddings happening (am planning to be there Asher & Julz!) and there are so many pregnant women in my life its ridiculous! (I hope its not catching!!). Please make sure you send me photos! And of course, we are missing out on some serious growing up of kids within the family. We will be missing everyone a lot.

HEY... If you plan to do some travelling, let us know so we can meet up, drink some foreign alcohol and people-watch :)

Miss you already!
Lotsa love,
Loren & Rangi xx