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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Dec 2007

Location: London, UK

MapWell frosts are a daily occurance here now! You know the glittery sparkle in the black sand at Muriwai beach? Thats what the concrete looks like after a frost, or even early evening (like 730pm on my way home from work!). This week we've been waking up to -2 degrees and having a high of 6 - meaning you still have to have your winter coat and scarf and gloves on to go outside at lunchtime. I think its easy enough to be warm when outside, but when the wind picks up (surprisingly often in London, mostly in wind-tunnel streets) its damn cold and nothing will stop you freezing when that happens! And despite the frosts leaving most car windscreens (in fact all windows) iced up, and the beautiful autumn leaves on the ground get iced up too, as well as piles of leaves, they end up with glossy frost over the whole lot, its quite pretty to see on the way to the tube in the morning. People are already sprinkling the ground with sand to break up the frosts - outside the tube stations, on the platforms (my underground station is overground you see) and on the outdoor roof walkway at my work.

Ahhh the cold, at the moment I think it can be quite poetic. However thats probably coz Christmas is coming - the street lights decorate the whole city so its easy to put nice spins on everything cold... I can see how the Brits would become more depressed about winter in Jan/Feb when its colder, bleaker, snowy or whatever and not much to look forward to ... in the meantime - yay for the cold, yay for the lights, yay for frosts and warm clothing and YAY for Christmas coming!

Anyway update on US - all well, Rangi is working long hours and we dont see eachother much (whats new?) but when we do see eachother we spend quality time together ... aka competing at boardgames or sleeping or eating! The Xmas break will be nice for us both - we are at Janes from Sat 22nd and Rangi goes back Boxing Day (working on Thurs) and I go back the Thurs (for work on Fri). It will be a lovely family Xmas with Jane, Sam, Giles, Giles' dad, Papa, Audrey, Rangi & I. Really looking forward to it!!

We've spent the last few months just involved with work & playing where we can really, we went to Oxford for our 5th year anniversary (and FROZE!!!! it was so much colder there than London) and now looking forward to Xmas away from the city. I spent a lovely weekend with Louise, we visited Isabel and Colin with Liam and the twins (I got to feed them similtaneously - how cool!!) and Alison was there, plus we caught up with AnnMarie and also had a lovely lunch and after of Rummikub with Aunty Mary. So wonderful to spend time with her. And of course its nice to know out of 6 games I won 3, Louise 2 and Aunty Mary once. WHO'S THE CHAMP!!

Love to you all - hope you have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world. Would love to hear what you've been up to, send us a message and of course have a drink or several for us on Christmas Day!!
Love from Loren xxxxxxx and Rangi O*O*O*O*O*O*O*