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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Mar 2008

Location: London, UK

MapHappy belates Easter! Hope this finds you well and happy, enjoying some lovely weather and scoffing some chocolate! Thought I'd email a quick update on what Rangi & I are up to in London - and sadly its probably more work than play! But we have booked our next adventure, end of April we're off to Barcelona for 3 days and 3 nights which will be lovely - Im praying for some overdue sun! Especially as we had SNOW this Easter - yes, snow in London. So cool.

Rangi has been especially busy at work now that one of the other
managers left. So when 3 of the 4 managers get sick with a nasty vomiting bug (and in Rangis case the flu at the same time!) they only have one person to pull back to back doubles to cover! And they STILL havent discussed hiring another manager... hmmm... whats with the English?! Typically, when he's not working he's playing on his computer (surprise surprise) or sleeping (more shocking news). He has invested in a quality product for his entertainment, which drives our flatmate nuts - a Mr T walkie
talkie : 'Hey sucka! Quit yo Jibber Jabber! I pity the fool!' and so
on... Im sure you get the idea!

My work has been going really well, applied for a specialist course
through our company which would lead me directly to my ultimate radio job, even got through to the interview stage (yay me!) but didnt get through - I dont think. Havent had confirmation yet, but he was really good offering all sorts of career advice for me.

Oooh and exciting news - I now have glasses! Computers have officially ruined my eyes. I dont wear them all the time, but for computer use, watching tv or cinema and I think for driving (I just ignored that bit coz no need to drive in London!). Will post a photo real soon.

Well I think thats a quick note on everything, hanging out for April and our trip to Barcelona!

Keep well, happy and full of chocolate!