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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Apr 2008

Location: Gleneagles, 1hr from Edinburgh, Scotland

MapWell good Sunday morning to you. I am still aching all over from the GCap Conference, in Scotland, which was absolute carnage. We flew out of the brand new Heathrow Terminal 5 on Friday morning - which is a beautiful airport, and will be amazing once they sort out all the issues. The plane was an hour delayed (of course it was, its T5) but we werent so stupid as to risk checking in any luggage, or it might have to be driven by road to be sorted out in Milan!!! When we arrived at Gleneagles (cue gasps of excitement) we checked in, ate quickly and had a few speeches etc. It was kind of sad too, as it just dawned on us that we do work for an amazing company and now we've been bought out we are a bit nervous of what will change in 4 mths when they takeover... But also was inspiring as the directors encouraged us to keep on being the best and we will be the sales team they choose to have when Global takeover.

After the speeches we had the activities of the afternoon - which included us being dressed up as school kids in ties, cute caps and pigtails etc. We first had art class, painting canvas pieces to create one big piece of work (pictured). Then we had PE class in the Gleneagles equestrian centre - which is MASSIVE!!! - and in our teams we did relays (egg and spoon, bouncy hoppers, sack races, etc) and then onto the inflatable activities!! Volleyball in a bouncy castle, gladiator, football (like the game where you manouvre the players on sticks: we were the men on sticks on an inflatable field!) and a few courses of inflatable obstacles- run a yoga ball going up and down inflatable walls, through obstacles and out again.

Every single muscle in my body hurts. The hardcore dancing later that night probably didnt help!

We got to see our rooms (lots of photos of that) then get dressed in our 'back to school' themed outfits (my team went as FAME - check out my 80s make up!). We had drinks, a school dinner, there were more speeched and Ollie was made to do a haka in front of 200 people (he did really well) and more drinks. While the staff changed the dining room into a dancefloor, we were drinking in another room with typical school activities, like photo your face in a board, hit down the blocks for a prize, etc. Fun fun fun. Then the dancing and drinking continued and I went to bed about 2am when it finished... lots of people didnt 'retire' til 6 or 7am, while I was up early swimming and checking out the grounds!

I'll admit I was a bit (or a LOT) hungover, and the journey back to London did nothing to help. An hour coach ride to the airport, a delayed plane (again, thanks to T5 delays earlier that morning), a long wait on the plane to get moving, a psychotic pilot who decided to zigzag over Edinburgh before flying to London (hungover groans from all our group). The exciting thing was flying into London, saw the London Eye, the Thames, all the parks, I even managed to spot my tube station, then my apartment block and even our lounge window from the air - amazing! Once we landed we had to wait decades for the plane to taxi in... then he stopped 3m from the terminal waiting for the ground crew to do something. By this time I was desperate for the loo having been drinking lots of water, but the seatbelt light was on so we werent allowed to get up! Finally we were allowed to leave (and relieve several of our bladders) then have a fun 40m tube ride home.

Not only was the journey awful, it was worse with a hangover and I was so stiff from all the exercise I could barely move. And this morning I woke up with a coldsore - my poor body is not sure what happened!!! But had an amazing time, the photos are proof of that!

Lots of love to all, Im going back to bed xxxx