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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2008

Location: London, UK

MapLoren is in pain. Have been working out at the gym, doing some amazing classes which are EVIL but secretly working - soon I will have an amazing beach bod (I hope - perhaps by next summer!!!)

Rangi is working hard as usual, I havent seen him since last Saturday, aparently he has today off so we might get to hang out tonight! Tomorrow evening we have a friends leaving drinks in Covent Garden, then Saturday is Cat & Grahams engagement drinks.

Have I mentioned that there's been 3 of our mates who got engaged between Easter and now?!! Christelle and Dirk, Cat & Graham and now Jonesy & Julie who live with Cat & Graham. They got engaged in front of a whole bunch of people - Jonesy was running the marathon, we were on the side cheering for him, as he came up he stopped to hug Julie then asked if she could help pin something on his shirt = which was a sign saying MARRY ME JULIE. All girls instantly crying, clapping, giggling, you name it. So sweet.

What else is new? We are having a bit more sun lately though still cold at night and rains whenever it wants (mostly just during the lunchhour when you wanna venture outside). Oooh and I met up with a few people from home over the past week - Ang Shand, Pip Hansen, Brent Skilton, James Smith - all from either school or uni or both. Even had my first ever London BBQ at Brents house on Sat - smoked out but fun fun fun!

Anyway back to work. Hope everyones well, would be nice to hear from you!