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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Jun 2008

Location: Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, UK

MapHi all, very delayed messages on here but I'm sure you understand - I was never good at writing a diary as a young girl... not much has changed!

Have just gotten back from an amazing weekend away with Scouts, sadly without Rangi (but I'm hoping to convince him he'll enjoy it, that he should join in on camps!). If the word SCOUTS comes as a surprise to you, I am currently in training to become an Explorer Scout Leader (or assistant really), which means I get to do loads of fun stuff each week, hang out with teenagers (explorers are a bit older) and go on lots of camps. IE next year we might be looking to fundraise and go to Canada on an exchange with another unit over there!

So this weekend I was in Buckinghamshire (thinking 'Hi Jean!' as we drove through) and learnt all about putting on a camp - admin, finance, equipment, setting up, campfires (brilliant fun), striking camp, etc.... So much fun. I have made good friends with a group of guys who have done scouting all their lives pretty much, mostly my age, lots of fun. I'd met most of them on a previous training camp (Paul & his girlfriend are even coming to Opshop with Rangi & I on Weds night) and they had nicknamed me Kiwi. However, this weekend there was already a Kiwi there - one of the tutors has the nickname as his name's Keyur.. so they decided to call me Aussie or Australia instead... Mostly to wind me up (which of course worked very well). But camp was a blast and we had wonderful weather - my face has a tan for the first time in about 9 months!

I'm trying to get Rangi involved in camps as I think he'd love them. Typically he shrugs the idea off as not cool... but I think he'd change his mind if he'd seen the lightweight stuff they use for expedition hiking etc etc. Anyway... enough on camps!

Rangi finishes up at Sam's this Sunday (I've taken Monday off coz the last leaving party ended up in our living room at 6am Monday...this time I'd like to be involved!). He's going to be looking for a job with Mon-Fri again, which would be great coz a) we'd get to see eachother more and b) we could plan some trips & actually travel! Plus I think he gets too exhausted doing the hours he is at the moment...

Hope everyone is well. Whats the goss at your end? Please let me know - either here or drop me a line on

Big hugs to those we havent spoken with in a LONG time xxxxxx
Lotsa kisses from me xxxx and man slaps from Rangi! O*O*O*O*