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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Aug 2008

Location: Sunny London, England

MapHello, long time no message, woke up early today (Sunday) and it was a stunning day - not a cloud in the sky! In the last half hour however there has been a lot of cloud roll over... sucks, better not be like yesterday and rain non stop!

News? Looking forward to our holiday - yeeeha! 2.5 weeks off work, week cruise around the greek islands (its a hard life!), 3 nights in athens with manda and brad and then a few days in berlin, coz, well, why not?! Managed to win something at work which gave me £500 of travel related stuff, so scored the accom in athens and flights to berlin for free, woohoo! We'll try to remember its still cold in NZ while soaking up 30-40 degree heat in the busiest time of year in greece... and take some cool photos to share that experience with you ;)

What else is new, still in same flat, I still have a job for now (get told while on holiday if im to be made redundant or re-interview for my job when I get back thanks to the company being bought out, all the action takes place while im away, great). Rangis working parttime at sams and after we're back is looking at doing a course to become an electrician. So we are all good in the hood.

Impressed that London has put on a better summer this year (as opposed to the floods that wrecked the country last year) although it can get disgustingly humid. Which is real fun when Im doing kettlebells in St James's Park in the evenings, takes me about 2 hours to cool down!

Hope all is well, let us know how you're doing, say hi to everyone, big hugs and man slaps from us xxxx