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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Sep 2008

Location: Mykonos, Greece

MapYasas! We are on Mykonos Island doing a quick internet check, thought a quick update to make you all jealous wouldnt go astray!

Today we hired scooters on this rather larger of the islands we have been visiting. So much fun, right hand side of the road, winds blowing in your face, dazzling blue seas in lots of different inlets and beaches, arid dry landscape, rocks and barren land, wicked greek buildings with the typical white wash look. So cool.

Having a blast. Have been to Pireaus (port nearest Athens), Kalymnos, Bodrum in Turkey, Kos, Paros and now Mykonos (the Ibiza of Greek Islands we hear) and still have Syros to go before returning to Athens. Has been up to 40 degrees, but when you are near the shore there is usually good breeze to keep you cool. Cruise ship has been lots of fun too, though have too much sea legs and feel like you sway while on land.

Having great time, looking forward to seeing Manda and Brad in Athens in a few days and then head off to Berlin to sample a new language! I have even been asked 'who teach you Greek? who you're teacher?' coz my Parakalo and Efkaresto (please and thank you) sound great. Ha sure.

Lots of love and sun and smiles and sea air from Mykonos
Us xxxx