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Loren & Rangi's OE!!’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009

MapWe are bad, bad people because we dont update this website anymore. What with my Mum being on facebook, there's not a huge number of reasons to continue uploading stuff here. However a small update for you:

I successfully trekked 126km across the Sahara Desert in Morocco in March 2009 and also fundraised £2,435 for charity. Best trip of my life - recommend any charity treks like this to really test you.

Rangi signed up end of 2008 to study via correspondance to become an electrician. To date he has read about 30 pages and not started any work ... already he deserves the "best in procrastination" certificate!

Workwise, he's still at Sam's, I'm still at Global Radio (bought out GCap) and have managed to avoid being made redundant about 3 times in the last 6 months. Lucky me...

Rangi & I are heading home! We leave this Friday (17th Apr) and are home for 3 very family-focussed weeks. Bring it on!

If we're going to see you soon - CANT WAIT! If not, keep in touch (email or facebook is probably best!!!) and see you in a wee while xxx