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Debbie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Nov 2008

Location: Singapore

MapMelbourne Cup Singapore 2008

I nearly had to face a fate worse than death by having to go to the ANZA Melbourne Cup event here in Singapore. Just the thought of all the Pru's and Tru's and Barbies was sending me off the ricter scale.....

So why??? Well a MATE....Lorina (Canada 2 yrs, Thailand 10 yrs, Beijing 3 yrs, now in Singapore) has decided she would volunteer at ANZA to you know keep a bit busy, and so in her wisdom for Melbourne Cup she was putting a table of chicks together of which she nominated myself!!! I hadn't had that conversation yet with her that I really don't do the whole dress up and hat thing just to drink Champagne and watch a gee gee run its guts out for a few minutes!!! However, I must admit as a sucker for ceremonies, I really enjoy watching the jockey cry and thank the world for his luck today Yada Yada, so that part is always worth it...... But, under protest and support of Lorina ONLY....I paid my money.

Then, Yogi Bahjan and Vishnu must have been in tune with my distressed emotions as next I know, Lorina's other 'friends' had this and that issues with being able to attend so she cancelled! Woohoooo.....

Instead she organised a get together thang at her place with a few chicks.

So I turn up before midday to do the right thang and watch the race, 3 mins later all over. Half the girls there had no idea what was going being from Scotland, the other from Sth Africa, the other from Perth (not that interested) and quite frankly couldn't really care! And we did a shortcut in explanation because the vague looks were just a bit too much.

So race over, yes nice horse, oooh, trifecta would have been a bruiser and with no evidence of a financial crisis in Australia we got on to what really matters......champagne!

So with only lightning and thunder and big dark clouds as our entertainment we swigged away, solved all the issues of living in Singapore according to our rules, gave filipino maids a hammering, and discussed usual crap you do when you meet new people. You know exactly what I mean..........

Then, slowly, one by one, the girls left because they had to do this and had to do big day drinking spirit.....honestly.... which left Lorina, Jaime and me to soldier on and keep the flag flying!

We did till about 8pm when Lorina became a little speechless and was doing some great eyerolling tricks, Jaime was getting ready to go out on the town (not a good idea in Sing on a tuesday night at 8pm - ie boring) and I well just couldn't drink anymore.....I had hit the wall bigtime.....I was ready for a big Nanny nap!

So we called a blue limo, left Lorina and got ourselves home.

I bet we lasted longer than all the ANZA crew doing our thing! I will await for the report card from Lorina after her next 'funfilled' volunteering day at ANZA and will let you know if worthwhile.

Honestly, the things you have to do! X