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Debbie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Nov 2008

Location: Singapore

Map33 Days to go to my trip to Nepal........

Since I made the decision to go I have upped the training bigtime and for some strange twilight zone reason, loving it! Bosco isn't. He has only a couple of hours in him, then I am dragging him along.....the whole 10kg of him!

But I am so glad I made the decision. I was sick of myself saying I am going to do it. And as my older age motto is, copying the famous....JUST DO IT, I am gonna JUST DO IT. You know, people climb mountains with one leg, ski with no legs, swim with one arm, write with their toes, blind people run marathons, thai girls do things with vaginal muscles I can't even get my head around for money to survive, and not to mention the zillions of children starving in our world who would be in seven heaven to just have clean water and a bowl of rice! So how pathetic am I, able bodied, to be concerned if I could do it or not! Hence, I say again.......JUST DO IT!

I will be as fit and as strong as I can be. If altitude is a problem, well, so be it. Nothing could prepare me for that. Actually I am told the older you are, the better you seem to cope with altitude? I figure its because your lungs are older and because they have been subjected to such poor air quality over a long period of time they don't need so much good air??? Oh, who would know! Your theory?

Its fortunate that we have skiied alot as we have loads of warm gear. I am going to take my toasty jacket I bought in England many moons ago. Nothing keeps you warmer than that jacket. It will be winter so cold, but they say great time to travel as skies are blue and scenery very beautiful. Last year the trekkers wore tshirts through the day!! Sounds good for Miss Sweater of the year, Debbie Ronald!

And of course I will take goodies for the nepalese kids I see on the way.....they usually want lolly's, but they only get pencils, paper and stickers from me......what a boring westerner I must be!

So training hard so that I really can enjoy myself without worrying about sore feet or back or whatever. I wish I could take Bosco but>>>>>>>>won't start on that, you know my thoughts on that one.

One thing I do know for sure is that I feel one of the most fortunate people on earth being able to do this. For as long as I can remember as a young girl, I always wanted to go to Kathmandu. Whether it was the mysticsm of it all, the so far out of reach thing.......I don't know.......but the excitement of going is really overwhelming at the moment. And the reality is, if I still lived in Australia, I probably wouldn't be going.......... I am truly blessed and thankful for this opportunity.......