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Debbie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Dec 2008

Location: Singapore

MapChristmas Cruise 2008..........

We embarked on cruising this xmas. The Royal Carribean's Legend of the Seas Ship was in Singapore for a series of cruises. This is a very multicultural boat staff wise.....they are from all over the world but they run on American business principles.

A cruise is no doubt the most hassle free, relaxing holiday. No airports, line ups, delays, lingo issues, choosing eating destinations, cleaning, supermarket shopping and the list goes on! Hume loved it.....nothing to do! Humie it is fair to say was a bit bored...he has grown out of needing other kids, shunned the teens club and was mortified to not be able to skateboard for 5 days! Me, I thought cruising was good but I would probably only go again where there are destinations I want to get off at. I struggled with the food (saucy, high calorie, meaty, same same things).........I am a fussy bitch! However, if you love the Sizzler type of dining and food you would be able to stuff yourself stupid for hours everyday!! I sort of got tired of hearing people say ....I have put on so much weight, my pants are so tight.......derrrr, not hard to work out why?? And, it would be true to say I think I was a bit preoccupied with my Nepal trip to really relax and chill as you should.

This cruise, we chose to get off at Phuket and take a speedboat to Phi Phi island group to snorkel amongst the hub of islands. I love snorkelling and was in seventh heaven, although my hair takes an instant dislike to salty water and being wind blown! It was nice to be at the beach and getting a bit of sun though. We didn't bother getting off at Langkawi and KL in Malaysia. Been there before and besides so many people got off the boat it was like being on your own chartered cruise liner! Everything continues as normal!!

Activities wise a cruise to me is a little outdated with the nightly showtime but there were two acts bought in from Las Vegas and Cirque Soliel which were absolutely fantastic. The ole dance and singing routine show with the onboard dancers was a bit too blah blah for me......but then they have a very wide range of people to appeal too and I guess its a part of the cruising way of things for entertainment they try hard to keep 'alive'. Of course there are plenty of bars and nightclub and other singing gigs going on so plenty to check out.

They had a reasonable gym which I used with a thousand other people and best of all a Rock Climbing Wall. It has a bit of a spooky location right at the front of the boat and is really high. I have always wanted to try this and so did! It was great, not as hard as I thought and FUN! I will be doing more. I finally talked Humie and Hume to going up and they did really well.........I think they even enjoyed it! To keep up my Nepal training, there is a running track on Deck 10 - 1 mile equals 4 laps....10 km is alot of laps but the scenery was beautiful and there was a cool wind which was really nice.

The cruise enabled me to introduce Humie to Bingo. Hahahahaha... I had to drag him there under protest but he got hooked and we went every day! So funny. Becky Bingo (a Brit) was the chick in charge and she was so proud of herself and us 'regulars' turning up everyday. I was a bit dissappointed in her Bingo Lingo as it wasn't as extensive as I have experienced before but she was good with the 'hissing snakes' and 'legs eleven' calls! Unfortunately we had dud cards and didn't win anything but we got close a few times.

Our room was good. Great towels, sheets. One thing that really stuck out to me was how clean the boat was. Very very clean. I like that. It was nice listening to the ship travelling through the water with the balcony door open and sea breeze wafting in.

So thats Christmas for 2008. I think there is definitely a place for cruising on the travel itinerary. If you like people watching its defintely a goer........all types believe me. But more importantly if you want hassle free and a full on relax and chill, its up there. Definitely a good option if you have young kids, they do a really good job with the kids adventure area and they put on a fab Santa and pressies etc. Not bad, considering half the ship were chinese and they don't celebrate Xmas!!

Hope you had a nice xmas day.......signing off with 2 days to Nepal!!! Yeah Baby!!