Natraj Bott’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Feb 2007

Location: Jaipur, India

MapWe are now in Jaipur after having spent a week in India so far. Our trip so far has been action packed so due to limited time here is a top ten list of incidents and experiences so far.

10. Eating Natraj Pizza at the Natraj restaurant in Jaipur. Raj pulled out his ID and got a discount which was then more than offset by the tip that the waiter felt was his right.

9. Being chased around by a kid with a cobra for 15 minutes around Haridwar after being extorted twice by "officials" in blue uniforms (this episode pretty much sums up India).

8. Quote of the tour by Greg just before launching into a dodgy mutton Rogun Josh in Agra: "This will cause problems later". Sure enough his words proved to be prophetic - but for him, not for the rest of us.

7. Most commonly uttered phrase on the tour: "where's Greg" (esp highlight 1)

6. Looking for beer in Rishikesh. Proved very frustrating. Plenty of whacky tobbacci but no grog or meat so we quickly realised we were wasting our time there.

5. Our friendly security cow guarding the restaurant while we eat in Rishikesh.

4. Getting a bargain on the Karma Sutra after a tall Indian street vendor followed me half a kilometer to sell it to me.

3. Being in the audience for the screening of Cricket Star, a leading insight into the topical issues of world cricket shown on Z sports, hosted by Ajay Jadeja.

2. Long Island Ice Teas in Delhi. Say no more.

1.Having a few too many beers at Harry's rooftop bar in Changi airport, and losing Greg, bringing us to within a couple of minutes of missing the connecting flight to Delhi.