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Ims’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Feb 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapSo i touched down on Sunday eve after one of the most suprisingly comfortable long haul flights I've ever experienced! I think being in bed by midnight on friday helped - Stef thank you for making me be sensible! Viv - how long did you stay!!?
Long live Thai airways and there lovely leg room. Anyways - stepping into airport I stood wondering about the journey ahead and got chatting to a couple of Irish girls, Maria and Sinead who of course were heading to the khao san rd so jumped in a taxi wih them and began bartering from 1st minute on thai soil. 1 quid later i'm in the city of Bangkok.
Got myself to Buddies lodge - a fab hotel right in the thick of it complete with rooftop pool, sauna (as if u don't sweat enough) and building site next door which sparks up at sunrise 5.30am. luverly.
footrubs and noodles later, i'm excited, knackered and hot.