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Ims’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007

Location: Kachanburi, Thailand

Map5.30 Building site alarm call but today I actually needed it as I headed off out of Bangkok today to floating markets, river kwai and a tiger sanctuary - the main reason for my day out.
Got picked up and stuck my head in the van to see who my fellow travellers were only to be greeted with a happy camper bus of lesbians!!! woohoo.
Happy and Gay we whizzed off to floating markets where i hooked up with another group - phew and not a lesbian lady in sight but funnily enough someone who went to the same Uni as me - although a yr below who was on honeymoon with hubbie Ollie!
Al and Emile - u would have been proud at my spritelyness getting into the river boat - at least a meter drop from the pier and I didn't bat an eyelid, our NZ kayak drama sorted me out a treat Al!!! Bring on the boats - i challenge thee.
Headed up to Kwai - looked at the bridge - tick!
Then we whizzed up to the tigers - a sanctuary for orphaned cats where they live with monks in the middle of a big cave! They were just chilling in the sunshine, full bellied and sleepy so you are alllowed to go and stroke them and rub there ears - I LOVED it!!! They are such amazing creatures - if I can post some pics I will. Long ol treck back to Bangkok and I'm off to pack my bag and sleep - 4am start tomorrow off to Cambodia - cannot wait!!!
I think a foot rub is calling.
Favourite site today - an overweight Japanese tourist being chased by a wild boar at the tiger sanctuary - funnily enough it did not like a nikon lens being shoved in its face. 35 degrees and running like a baby - funniest thing I've seen for a long time ;-0
Jack - food, tummy and tan updates - slight tan am working it - red nose though! No dodge tum - weehee. Food - yum, yum, yum