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Ims’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Feb 2007

Location: Bangkok airport, Thailand

MapLeft Cambodia this morning - I shall definitely be returning here, if only to pick up beautiful Metta! went to the siem rap mardi gras last night (cambodian spelling marti grand!!) which consisted of no parade, 1 ice bar and some flashing hats. bizzare but fun. Bowed out tout suite as I fancied a foot rub - they are much more gentle in Cambodia and it is actually relaxing rather than painful masochistic thai's!!
Am killing 3hrs at Bangkok airport whilst I wait for my flight to samui and then transfer onto boat over to koh panang so a long old day but it will be worth it when i get to my cliff villa - woohoo.
Right am off to find a seat, i-pod at the ready, book to hand, ass to expand