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Ims’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2007

Location: Thailand

Maphmmm I'm just not sure why I do it to myself - Amy arrived on Pagnang yesterday so obviously we had to celebrate! 1 big beach party later.... made it back to cocohuts, slept for 4 hrs, got woken up by the sun streaming through and decided to go and do another thai boxing lesson, rocked down to the ring and no-one else turned up as I had got the wrong time, the trainer took pity on my sorry state and gave me a personal lesson advanced stylee!!! 2 hrs..... eeek - my hands were wrapped up, gloves on and we did 5 min rounds of sparring sessions of kicks, elbows, punches etc..... I was a mess, co-ordination out the window and a small thai man yelling at me - 'come on sweat out your party, fight like a lady not a lady boy, 5 kicks in a row pls - aaaaaarrrrrggggghhh.' But a weird part of me loves it and I'm going back for more tomorrow!!! Full Moon party tomorrow which will be huge! Tues Amy and I are heading off to the lovely isle of Ko Tao. Trouble going on in Laos and peeps are being advised not to go there so unfortunately I have to stay in Thailand and visit some more islands!!!! I think a return trip to Laos and Vietnam is in order next time, until then I shall be an island diva.