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Ims’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Mar 2007

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Booooooo - said goodbye to Amy this morning as we headed in different directions home - New Zealand and London.
I headed back to Samui today so I can fly back to Bangkok 1st thing tomorrow and on to London , Amy opted for 10 hr coach to Bangkok as she has a few days to kill there instead - nutter!
At the end of my budget so am staying in a 6 pound beach bungalow with fan - slightly downmarket from my last few nights but am chilling out with Ollie and Kath this eve for my last meal in Thailand so i figured it was just a bed! Really pleased they are over in Samui as its not my fave place in the world - it feels a bit like Greece here.
I have just been chatting to a russian guy on the taxi truck who saved $1000 dollars to come here because he saw 'the beach', i pointed out that the beach was actually in phiphi on the other side of thailand and he couldn't believe it... he thought that it was samui as some dodgy thai at bangkok airport told him so!!! 'U want beach. yes, i show u beach, u pay good price.....!!!' i sent him off to a travel agent to rearrange seeing the dream!
So what an amazing trip - I feel i've done so much but also had a load of chill out time too which is great. Met some great people and loved the freedom of doing what I want when I want etc....In a funny way im looking forward to heading home, cuddling trumpet, sleeping in my own bed etc.... i'm sure the tube and 4am heart starts will soon make me eat my words!
There are some new pics from the last couple of weeks on too but I'm sure you will get a full slide show on my return in person - form an orderly queue now!