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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Feb 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapWell, here we are - arrived safe and sound on Saturday 10th February after a long but uneventual flight.

Bangkok is not just a city - it is a way of life! Traffic starts at silly "o" clock and never seems to stop - cars, taxis, bikes, you name it all day and all night and yet the people just continue to live their lives - street market stalls at every corner or vacant space on the pavement and if they don't sell, it is probably not made yet!! Yes, I have the jeans as requested!!!!!

Saturday was a fairly quiet day recovering from the flight and getting our bearings from the Hotel but Sunday was a different kettle of fish with Sandra in total shopping mode - so many stalls, so many things to see and buy - Gucci sunglasses at 150 bhats
(under 2.00 sterling to name but one thing) Dinner was had at a small street corner place (I think resturant is too big a name) - Thai Green Currey, rice and beer for under 4.00 between the 2 of us!!