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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Feb 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Got up early this morning and went on a guided tour around the back waterways and small canals that make Thailand into the Venice of this area - water levels between river and canals is 1.6 metres - enough to remove all the small houses that have been built on the backside of the road ( this means homes that have been built on the back of others in the small space left and have no access to the road), Royal Palace and then the Temples and boy, are there lots of them. We did really well though and landed up on a tour that had only three people, so it was really like being royality but hard on the feet!! Did you know that on a Monday people in Thailand wear yellow as the King was born on this day and it is his colour!!

We have made some plans for the next few days. Tomorrow we leave Bangkok to go an the River Kiwi Tour, 2 days, 1 night and aslo have a visist to see tigers and monks working together in the jungle! - More on this to follow and we are then going to Pattaya on the coast for hopefully some sea and sunshine!!

I am going to try and download some more pictures as the lad next to me is palying kill games and the brain is finding it hard to think, let alone spell