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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Feb 2007

MapAfter collecting our bags from the Amari, we clambered into yet another taxi to take us to Pattaya - heading southwards from Bangkok, about 70-80k. Taxi journey from somewhere underground. First 45 minutes were spent sitting in a traffic jam and then we had to turn around and get fuel. As the cab ran on gas, a limited number of stations could be used and the nearest one was about 15 minutes away and heading back into town!!

Eventually we cleared Bankgkok and started the journey. All roads here have a toll road that runs along side and our driver decided to take this option but toll roads do not have lights and guess what, our headlights were ________ ( you can fill in). A long two hours later we arrived at the Amari in Pattaya - thoughts of showers, food and beds at the front of our minds but no booking had been called through but it all ended well.

The following morning bought glorious sunshine and the last few days have been spent doing nothing but cooking in the sunshine.

We moved hotel after one night in the Amari, one can only be rich for a short time and arrived at the Sandelay. Well, please can anyone explain to me why the bathroom has a pane of glass from floor to ceiling by the shower overlooking the bedroom and another by the toilet?? - Answers on a postcard please. Pattaya is know for its bars and girls.

Last night was Chinese New Year and as you can see a hugh party was held to celebrate. The pictures do not do justice to the event or the food.

For those who's main concern is my romantic affairs, I can so far managed to talk to an American Jazz singer who lives in Tokyo and today was chatted up by a russian soldier who asked Sandra, firstly were we married and then could I be his baby, as he much loved me - not sure if that was true or the litre bottle of vodka was talking.