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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Feb 2007

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand

MapWell I am now in Chaing Mai, north of Bangkok having flown up from Pattaya on Tuesday 20th. Pattaya was wonderful as a place to sit and veg out by the pool but some of the sleazy took a little getting used to but it is a way of life for the girls and if the Franghi are silly enough to pay - why not!!

Chaing Mai used to be the old capital of Siam and still has very strong roots in its past - flies both the old and new flag. The old city can still be seen with its walled enterance and the four gates that surround the town. The town has a very different feel more of a working city but not on the scale of Bangkok.

We are staying in the Orchid hotel and surrounded by pictures of Princess Diana. She came to stay once and they are still dining on this and guess what, Hilary Clinton has been here too!!!

Tuesday was a bittiy day with the flight etc but we were recovered enough to go a trip yesterday to into the hills to see a hill tribe and then Doi Suthep, a temple high in the hills and with a panoramic view of Chaing Mai ( I think the pictures might show this when I can download them) The hill tribe was ghastly, all in modern dress and trying to sell you yet more tat! The King has given them some land etc to start a new life and to stop growing poppies but my guess, you only needed to go up hill a little more.