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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Feb 2007

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

MapThe temple was exhausting - 306 steps up and then the same down - my legs are getting shorter by the day but nothing else is getting thinner - food is wonderful - dinner last night for three including a jug of beer was under six pounds and no, it was not a man but a teacher from China and female!

We went to the famous night market last night and intend to go again - wish for it and it is there from 50p to ?? but so much to see and so many street to walk on to find it - I am a bit worried how Sam and Ellis are going to find the room to store it all!

Today, we have walked around the old quarter of the town poking our noses into old courtyards with doors that were at least 10 inches thick and when you least expexted it, a running stream or waterfall with goldfish and hey more smiling people greeting you as if you meant the world to them - they have customer relations down to a T.

Have had fun in trying to send some stuff home - amazing living out of a suitcase, you only use the first three things that are on the top.

Sorry nothing more exciting to say but hopefully more elephants later this week and a train ride back to Bangkok and then New Zealand