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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Feb 2007

MapA late start and an open day in front with nothing planned - Chiang Mai however is not like Pattaya, the sun shines but the place and people do not lend themselves to sitting and watching the world and the swimming pool is freezing!!

We decided to go and see the local orchid farm about 15ks from town. Amazing to see so many of these flowers growing in one place and most of them either in pots that we would use for water plants or stuck onto trees at any level using old bits of wood or coconut. Everywhere you turned, there was another flower more glorious than the last. This little adventure out of town gave us another glimpse of Chaing Mai away from the tourist bits, more motorbikes than you could dream of, some with two passangers and others with entire families, entire roads that only sell car parts or furniture and street vendors selling everything. It is hard to describe the markets that you can find here. All I want to do is to buy from the flower market and fruit market aas everything is so much larger than life and cheap.

It was still early when we entered to the hotel and I decided that I needed a haircut, Sandra having had a trim the day before. Toni and Guy can eat their hearts out, wash, cut and blow dry for under six pounds and it looks great - massage is next on the list!