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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapWell here I am back in the big city after a trip in the wilderness - Ok, so Pattaya and Chaing Mai are still civilised but nothing can compare to Bangkok.

We caught the sleeper train from Chaing Mai on Sunday night, leaving at 4.30pm and arriving at 6.40am all for the grand sum of about 25 pounds. It was a fasinating trip through the National Park and vast acres of jungle and dried river beds and then as a curtain gets drawn, night fell - there is no dusk - light to dark in about 10 minutes. We had decided to spare no expense on this journey and were in a first class sleeper cabin - all of 4 foot wide and 6 feet deep. Dinner was ordered and served by 7.30 and bunks were pulled out and made by 9.30, really no option but to go to bed and try to sleep. Poor Sandra drew the short straw with the top bunk and spent most of the night swaying gently to the inner beat of the train. It did not matter that breakfast was at 5.30, we were both awake and in desperate need of that first hot drink.

Taxi eventually caught at the station and into yet another hotel - Monday was spent sitting by the pool and trying to catch up on missed sleep - am getting too old for all these late nights. We landed up going to bed at 10.00!!

Tuesday, last day here in Thailand (pity as I have really enjoyed it here) so rather than waste the day at the pool, we decided to see something other than street markets and caught the skytrain. Did you know that Bangkok has a full golf course in the heart of the city, one up on London. We landed up in yet another shopping mall but one with a difference - an oceanarium in its basement, Fun way to spend the afternoon watching sharks and stingrays swimming above your head and wondering if the people above knew - what a great film that would make.

Our flight to New Zealand leaves tomorrow at 16.00 local time, so the next entry will be from the Land of the White Cloud.

I will be sad to leave Thailand, as place that I have really had pleasure in visisting and will return to but bring on the next adventure