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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2007

Location: Bay of Ilsands, New Zealand

MapWell it is now Saturday and seems a long time since I last wrote anything. We have arrived in New Zealand after what seemed like days of flying. Left Bangkok on Wednesday afternoon, flight to Singapore (move clock forward 1 hour), wait at Singapore and then onto NZ ( change clock again and move forward 5 hours) - 9 and half hour flight in a old plane with cramped seats and a very stroppy woman in front of me that insisted on having her seat fully back for the whole flight and a guy behind me that just thupped my seat if I breathed too deeply!!! but made it anyway.

New Zealand airport is something else though with sniffer dogs on you from the moment the plane door is opened, guys stopping you on the cawsway to customs and at every turn someone asking to look at your bags or to search. Poor Sandra got stopped and fined for bring something in that was not allowed and there is no grace in saying did not know - standard fine and all must pay.

Mike was at the airport to meet us and on the way to Mia's house gave us a guided tour of Auckland - all I could think was I had taken a wrong flight and was somewhere in England, same feel, same sky, just warmer. We were both so tired that nothing really sank in and just gratefull to get out of the car and have a shower. Thursday had come and gone with no effort and sleep was the only thing on our minds. We however decided not to stay in Auckland for the weekend and on Friday morning caught a coach up to the Bay of Islands as Sandra has a friend working at the Moorings, a large marina in the Bay. Interesting to travel new places by coach or train as you can watch it all pass by - the countryside is so english, no wonder so many people move here, If Englands weather carries on heating up, there will be no need to. Everything else is so similar too, they all speak a form of english (sounds different), some have a sulky manner when dealing with people and there is graffiti on all the walls - just like home!! The money is a little difficult to get used too - approx 2.60 dollars to a pound and after Thailand, everything seems to be so very, very expensive.

The coach arrived after 4 hours or so of travelling and the next job was to find a motel or somthing to stay in. We really fell on our feet here, a timeshare complex with a vacant apartment - 2 bedrooms, lounge, bathroom and a kitchenette - the joy of being able to make a cup of coffee when you want one and not having to drink 30 at breakfast to keep you going for the day and having something to eat in your time not hotel time is something not to be forgotten when travelling. The complex is opposite the beach which is long and sandy and even has a small splash pool along with the BBQ's that are there for all to use. Get ready to be fed up with the pictures.

Today we are just spending looking and seeing the small town area and onto the beach this afternoon to do nothing but soak up the sun and read!!! They have a wonderful selection of really grotty holiday books at the complex - what joy!!!! Nothing else is planned at the moment other than a day on the boat on Monday around the Islands and the promise that we might see a whale or dolphin.

Will write more when a) have done something and b) when I have my glasses on and can see what drivile I have written !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!