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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Feb 2007

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand

MapWell we have decided to do something different today and are going to Cookery School!. Collected from the hotel and driven out to the Chef's house for the day - really felt strange to be starting the day in a hurry with a deadline to meet.

The school is run by a local celb who has cooked in the UK and Europe - could not wait to get something else to pack in my bag but fortunately the cookbaook was not too large. They run six different days from total beginner to professional - We started at the bottom

Fish soup
Thai Fish cakes
Noodles and green Thai soup
Minced chicken
Ruby Chestnuts

A little daunting to start but lots of fun and everything had to be eaten - am now a dab hand with Thai fish cakes and know that I do not like coconut milk.

It was very busy with people from all walks of life and ages - several men learning in the hope to impress the girlfriend - fun but very tiring and a real blow that when we returned to the hotel, the pool was closed for a private party - a shower is not the same as a swim. Quiet evening in as we were both tired