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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapHi folks, long time no speak but life here in the Land of the Long White Cloud's seems to sail past and suddenly you are at another weekend and nothing has been done or so much that you are having an issue in remembering where or what you have seen or done.

Ok, arrived in Auckland last Thursday and did nothing but sleep and rest, terrible flight as per previous page but here now. Bus up to Bay of Islands and room found - think we are all up to date with arrival at Paihia ( scrummy place - take note people). Met up with Sandra'a friend, Phil and his girlfriend Michelle ( Chris, take note - Phil is 26 and has spent the last 4 years windsurfing etc) - Sandra used to be Phil's fathers PA.

Weekend was spend doing NOTHING!!!!!!! - beach , sand, sea and grotty romance books, thank god for Barbara Cartland but life is not that kind and things were afoot to catch us out - what about a boat trip - (yes, cannot think of anything I would enjoy more - get terribly seasick and have been known to get off a pedalo cause of the -----------, you fill in the words), so off we went!!!!!!!!

A gentle sail out of the harbour to loud rock music, all is sweet and then, engines off and sails are out!!!!!!!!!!!! - thank god for long legs - boat is at nearly 90 degrees to the water and all are smiling and laughing 'cept me - I think there were a lot of things I would have rather done at that moment - give birth sounds like a much better option - I have never been so scared!!! but after all said and done, it was a wonderful moment and something to remember by myself when I get too comfortable with life. Lunch was had at a small bay off one of the Islands and then a gentle motor back to harbour - a body can only stand so much excitement in one day.