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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Mar 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapWell after the excitement of yesterday and winning of a huge fortune, it was a lazy start to the day but we decided that Auckland should be seen at a closer range and not from the top of hill, so into town and a galaxy of things to do or see. We decided on recommendation to catch the ferry out to one of the islands and so off we went. This is such a good way to see things and cheap.

We arrived on and hooked up with a small group looking around. There are several vineyards located here and as lunch was demanded, this seemed to be a good idea. Fantastic lunch and a wonderful cold glass of crisp white wine for under 10 pounds - what more can you ask for. A short drive around to see sights and then back into the ferry and a stop in Devonport ( island closest to Auckland). Waste of time this as most of the shops were closed but still worth while. This is a large commuter place and it was interesting watching all the bodies disembarking with suits and briefcases and walking on the beach.

Back in Auckland, we had a wander around the port area - a really inplace with the young locals for after work drinks and smart, upmarket. Music here is so behind the UK - Moby is the most played song on the radio and they have never heard of some of the newer groups. We decided to eat and found a nice Pizza place on the square and whilst waiting talked about our trip to the North Island and what to see and do. People here are keen to help any visitor and soon we were talking to the people sitting at the next table
(he was from Queenstown) and a full schedule was planned within minutes.

Dinner arrived and I had to send mine back, cold but was ok in the end and we decided to leave, asked for the bill but there was not one to pay!!!!!!!!!! - Our new friend had settled the bill for us - as visitors to his country, this meal was not good enough - how often would this happen in the UK?. It was a lovely moment to end the day with and so very generous. Caught the bus back to town nearest Mike and back to the house to pack our bags once again.