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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Mar 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

MapNew day, new island and town. We are now in Queenstown on the South Island, a flight of under two hours from Auckland but almost to a different country - still water everywhere but mountains, snow and clean air!!. Incredible flight in over the Alps as they call them and a tricky run up to the airport. The pilot does tell you before landing that you fly near the mountains but not to panic!! - I closed my eyes

Into town and a room found within walking distance of the centre. Once again we have managed to get a small apartment, so much nicer and easier. We have also managed to book the two most important trips, to the sound and on the steamboat.

There, I am finally up to date with the diary but having a real problem with computers and pictures - think I might have to wait until Sydney to download but will try another place tomorrow and see if the connection is better.

7.30 start in the morning and not back until early nighfall - not sure this holiday is doing anything for the bags under my eyes but god, am I having fun and learning new things!!!!

Until next time,