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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

MapLife looks so much better after a good nights sleep. A slow start this morning after the rush of yesterday.

We have decide today to go and visit Walter Peak Farm, a very old homestead on the other side of the water but this time, the boat is not anything new but an old steamer that was bought over to New Zeland and hauled piece by piece from one island to the other and rebuild on the lake. The steamer is still coal / coke powered and bellows thick black smoke into the clear air of every trip.

Walters Peak used to be a large sheep settlement but tourists now are easier to deal with and do not generally run and hide in the hills. We were shown aroung the farm by the most outgoing, outspoken guide I have ever met and his jokes were appalling but he was very informative and when it came to shearing the sheep, it looked like a work of art - I really am not sure that I will ever be able to match his skill even after weeks of working with the creatures - anyone fancy letting me try cutting their hair with a set of clippers for pratice ??

Tea was included as part of the trip and it became almost a surreal moment sitting in the sunshine eating scones and drinking tea in an old homestead that looked as if it had come directly from an english county but knowing that you were miles away from home - no wonder people feel at comfortable here.

A quiet evening reading and generally doing nothing followed.
Queenstown is a very buzzy place with a cosmopolitan feel but there are still pockets of quiet and peace to be found.