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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapMonday - We decided to go and visit Arrowtown, about 10k from Queenstown. This small settlement came about because of a gold find that happened just outside the town. Miners came from all over, as far away as Australia and England to try and get a small piece of this wealth. Arrowtown did not have as much gold as people hoped and the rush came and went in a few short years but the Chinese had moved in by this time and they mananged to scrape so more gold from the river. Much of the old town has been saved and you can see the small houses that were built to house these miners - small, small, one room places. Many of the women that came here did not realise the conditions they were going to have to face and for some of them, life was very harsh - 19 or more children, all washing done by hand, no such things as clothes shops or fridges but they were the backbone of the pioneers and just got on with doing.

New Zealand is an amazing place and at every turn, you look at the view and wonder what film it was in or where you have seen that vista before. Back to Queenstown and dinner out - you cannot come to New Zeland and not have lamb but you really have to search for it on a menu. Added bonus, the rugby was on the television, so for the first time since leaving home, we sat and goggle watched.

Tuesday - Back to Auckland today. The days fly past and for the first time in my life, I understand why people need dairies. Trying to pack your life into a suitcase is hard and I will never bring this much away with me again. You wash and wear the first three things in the top of the suitcase and just push everything else aside. Someone remind me of that fact when I complain later in the year about my suitcase. The weather had turned cold and wet and we decide to head off to the airport early, warm and somewere to sit.

Our flight back stopped at Christchurch and then onto Auckland where Mike and Cathy kindly waited at the airport for us. Back to a comfortable house and soft bed