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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Mar 2007

MapWell, we arrived in last night - no problems but the plane was delayed and decided to catch the train out to Catherines. She lives on the North of Sydney - big mistake. There was a derailment on the bridge and this of course was the line we wanted. Ok, off the train and catch the bus as told - we walked around and around trying to find this ----- bus but to no avail. Finally someone took pity on us and showed us the right direction to go in and eventually after another train ride and up and down more stairs than I care to remember, a bus and safe arrivel in Lane Cove. Poor Catherine and Kevin were beginning to fret as to where we had got to but all ended well.

The children had stayed up to see us but fallen asleep so this morning was a frantic say hello and dash for school. You forget so quickly what a house is like with children running around, lunches to make and shoes to be found.

Sansra and I decided to go into Sydney and see something of the city. The bus runs from Lane Cove and is quick and cheap. Sydney is an amazing city - young, quick and busy with so many people. It has a real atmosphere about it but also a sense of what it is. After a short walk around the city centre, we headed off to the top of one of the shopping plaza's for a roof top lunch and sit down. It is so pleasant to sit way above the streets with a very cold glass of wine in your hand and just watch it all go past.

Down to the dock area and we decided that a trip should be booked - thank god for all "i "centres that are found in these cities. A mooch around the harbour and then decided to head back to the house. I think tiredness had caught up a little.

I have come to the conclusion that cities based around harbours are amongst the best, not only do they have a bright cafe culture but there is always the ferry out to another area and the pleasure of being able to look back - skylines are magical