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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Mar 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapAfter yesterdays outing, a quiet day waas required. Catherine and Kevin run a couple of Bakeries and are kept busy, Kevin getting up early to do the baking and Catherine working in the shop but they both had today off and rather than rest, decide to have a family get together. Natasha decided to come with Sandra and I to the shops to get some things for the party and off we set.

Lane Cove is yet another busy little community and was full of people and familes sitting down to brunch or morning coffe in any one of a dozen small cafes. Everywhere you look, there is a cafe or food outlet and a happy hour or so was spent just looking.

It was a wonderful evening despite the rain, yes rain, and a chance to see Laura and Andrew along with my aunt and uncle. Much food was eaten and wine put away. Kevin's brother and sister also came and we eventualy landed up with 5 small people and 2 slightly bigger ones running around the house as well aas the adults

Like most houses on this part of the world, there is split level living with lounges on the main floor but also another one downstairs by the pool area along with a complete kitchen area so items do not have to be carried from floor to floor but it does mean that the following day, clearing up is on two levels as well.

Sunday, a day off for Kevin but not for Catherine - house was straighten and dishes washed and then Kevin very kindly took us out for the remainder of the day on a drive to get some idea of the area. Up the freeway and into the National Park that runs along most of the coast line. The rain forest here is very different from that of New Zealand in make up. Unfortuately the weather was closing in and from the headland, it was difficult to see across the bay but we did get the odd glimpse and managed to make out Palm Beach and Lion Island. Around the headland and down onto Palm Beach, famous for being the location for Home and Away! and then the rain started - when it rains, it rains and a mist clings to everything making it hard to see but it is still warm and muggy.

Back home and a quiet night doing all those things that need to be dome on a Sunday night for school the next day - I choose to load my pictures up - what joy!!!! - a machine that does it in minutes rather than hours or days, hence pictures and no words.