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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapAnother bright morning but will the forcast of rain later, I decided to go and visit the Opera House and leave the zoo for another day.

The Opera House is fasinating, started in 1953 ( yes, some things are older than I am) and eventually opened in 1973, it ran way over budget and designers. The first designer fell out the with government and left in a huff. He was the designer of the roof structure but it turned out that it was only in theory and would never work in practise but this was resolved and another team where bought in to do the interal layouts. Time has turned the clock back now and sometime next year, the smaller stage area will be shut, gutted and restored to the orginal plan. It is the smaller stage that hosts the Opera, the larger one being used for music. They stage a different opera each night of the week and two at the weekends, to save voices - such a lot of work. All but two items used in the building are Australian, the roof tiles coming from Denmark and the glass in the windows from France. I learnt so much that I am in danger of becoming a bore on this subject - prehaps I should try mastermind!!

As promised, the skies opened in the afternoon, another chance to sit at a small waterside cafe aqnd watch people.

I do like it here, such a comfortable way of life, people are pleasant but this is called lotus eating and I am sure it would all change if you were working and trying to run a normal life. ONe of the things I have enjoyed the most is suprises that this place has - a flock of pigeons is not what it seems but cockattos or parrots with brightly coloured feathers and under a table will crawl a lizard and not always small and this is in the middle of the city!!

Catherine has a wonderful house with decks above ground and the tree that overhangs this has leaves with pieces missing - not disease but possums eating them at night and then in the tree appears a kookaburra, just inches from you!!

Back home for a quiet family night and an early bed - doing nothing is sometimes harder than rushing around