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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Mar 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapThe forecast for today is warm and pleasant, so I am going to see the zoo. This is just across the bay from Sydney and yet another ferry ride. I am getting so used to travelling by water, it is going to feel strange when it stops.

The zoo is justly famous for its breeding programme and some of the animal housing. They have a wonderful Austrailan Outback area and if you never get a chance to go there, this would give more than just an idea of conditions to be found. Some of the animals here are just strange - fancy seeing a platupus swimming in his natural habitat - they are so much smaller than I ever thought but like most people, the koola and roos are favourites and I spent a happy hour just watch them move. The biggest joy of this zoo is because the weather is good, most animals that live in the warmer climates are up and moving rather than sitting huddled in a corner.

The giraffes have the most amazing view of the bridge and harbour in the whole of Sydney and to watch the hawks and sea eagles flying and swooping with that backdrop is something to remember.

The day unfolded and became the hottest since my arrival, so much so that I am now the proud owner of a very yellow hat!! and for those that know me well - I don't do hats!! I am sure that by the time I arrived back at the house, I was at least three inches shorter. All this walking should be doing me good but I'm not sure!