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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Mar 2007

Location: Gold Coast, Australia


Long time no contact but have been busy getting into the life style of a beach bum!! - but lets start at the beginning

Left Sydney on Monday with help from Andrew and Laura in getting to the Airport - it is so easy to fly internally here and most of the flights are really reasonable - approx 35 pounds to fly up here, Sandra met me at the airport - we have wheels!!!!!!. The apartment is fantastic, Golden Sands and literally just behind the beach. This area is not called Surfers Paradise for nothing and the waves are glorious. Everyone here rises at silly o' clock in the morning and either power walks, jogs or swims first thing in the morning, there are even personal trainers here to take you through your paces! ( given all of this a miss). A nothing sort of day as just arriving and finding bearings can be exhausting and the flight in was interesting - gusting winds - could nearly have been a fair ride!

Tuesday, Sandra took to the wheel like a pro and off we went to see some of the area, well she did have a week on me in terms of exploring and had found many things - We drove off up the mountain to a small place called Beechmont in Beaudesertshire ( the names are great). This is an area covered by National Parkland and wine makers. You can see by driving around that there is a lack of water here and Surfers is moving water down from the mountains to meet demands but this middleland seems to get caught, neither one or the other. Dinner is at the apartment with Sandra cooking ( something that she does better than I ) - Lamb at long last!!

Wednesday, Not a brillant day for weather. The wind has been blowing a gale since my arrival and I have only managed an hour or so on the beach but that is why it is called Surfers. Once in inland, there is very little wind and the sun is pleasant but I have to keep on reminding myself, it is coming up for winter here, so don't expect a suntan anyone. A trip into town was called for and a walk around the shops - it is getting to the point were all things seem to be the same, another tacky shop or more t-shirts but we all buy crud when away, Lara and Chris watch out for the soft toy setc and the hats that say wish you were here!!!. We took a drive out in the early evening and had fish and chips for dinner - just slightly different from the UK - you go in, choose your fish from over 30 types or just the days catch and then it is cooked to your liking - baramunda and salmon were the choices of the day.